Several Ways of  Waiting



2014, 2016-
Documentation ( images, drawings, texts), a letter, video, digital printing, found object



「是這樣子的,我打算在館內最主要的三角天窗所對應的屋頂、進行一些方法吸引鳥兒到天窗上待一會兒、一兩分鐘也行。牠們的影子會因陽光的照射而投影在美術館的牆內—鳥類的日常生活成為美術館裡一片生活風景,或許這樣的瞬間可成為一種在藝術中的生活、卻又別於所謂「藝術品」的。 這件作品提案暫且將它命名為「等待的方式」,我想,此提案或許可以增添館內活潑的氣氛、或許可以讓在顧展的義工增點驚喜、但也或許觀眾特地觀賞等待卻不得、又或許當鳥來得時後沒有人注意到(它是件藝術品),變成是一個不被視為存在的片刻也不一定。 」

以一封書信開展,作品<等待的方式>是一項對於藝術提問的限地作品:我透過嘗試各種方法的引誘、歷經等待,達成讓一隻鳥在美術館的天窗外停留為目標。當陽光來臨的時,鳥的影子則自然地「置入」美術館的牆面上。 此行動實踐大半部分仰賴飛鳥、陽光、觀賞者等隨機因素的碰撞,也作為藝術場域反推回日常場域的一條軸線。行動的開始與結束並非有一定的時刻與樣貌— 僅是發生與消失,有幸見證此刻的觀眾,或許會因行動成果不符期望而感傷失落;未能親見者,卻將此份期待與念想攜回生活之中,又何嘗不是種幸運?

“ In this project, I plan to try several ways to attract and make a bird stay outside the triangle sky window, even for one or two minutes. The birds’ shadows, flying or playing, would be projected on the wall inside the museum. It is like mundane life within ‘art’. The daily life of birds becomes a piece of scenery inside the museum, a place helps us to distinguish what is art. Is it an art piece? What is the art itself? Is it the ordinary life of birds? Is it the intangible shadow? Or is it the specific moment— of being seen or being projected? ”


Started with a letter, the work Several Ways of Waiting questions the nature of art through a site-specific form. Artist tried several ways of attracting and waiting for a bird’s coming in order to achieve a goal of welcoming a bird staying outside of skylight of an art museum. When the sun shines, the bird’s shadow will be projected into the museum and displayed on the museum’s wall. The action emphases coincidence of random elements and questions even dissolves the boundary between art and daily realm. There is no start, end and specific shape of this site-specific work. It just happens and disappears. It might make the interior more interesting and energetic. It might give a surprise to the volunteers in the museum who stay in the same place doing the same thing for a long time if a bird appears around the sky window. On the other hand, maybe nothing happens. People who luckily witness the bird’s shadow might feel lost because it might not fit their expectation. On the other hand, those who do not see the bird’s shadow can bring the expectation into their lives. It is another form of lucky. Or, maybe no one notices when a bird is there— that is, the moment it is an art piece it is not regarded as existing.