Tokyo Grand Tree

Tokyo Grand Tree



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在東京墨田區駐村的這段時間,當地指標性建築物「晴空塔」的存在,開啟我對於旅遊工業與實際生活體驗兩者關係的重新思考。 我選擇調查與晴空塔外型相似但功能/大小皆不相同的塔型建築「工廠煙囪」,將它們改造為可以登上觀光的旅遊景點。 透過參考如晴空塔觀光塔建築的規劃設計、結合工廠的歷史、在駐村期間的故事、與私人經驗,繪製出樓層規劃圖、旅遊簡介,並印製成旅遊指南。 這些指南也包含一組與當地工廠合力製作的鑄物做為紀念— 由我在駐村期間所使用的生活物件製作的立體物件的翻模製品。 

Tourism always convinces providing people the most representative local-style (the worthiest holiday) experience and a chance to keep memory (by collecting souvenirs) within the limited time. However, real life experience can not be shaped and experienced without accumulating step by step. 

During the period of my one-month stay in Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, one of the most famous tourism spot Sky Tree provoked my rethinking of the relation between tourist industry and truly life experience. Although Tokyo sky tree is the most representative spot in Sumida-Ku, for me, piles of ‘ local sky tree’ (or we can name it grand tree)— chimneys from different factories, explain more than sky tree about how people live, work, feel in Sumida-Ku. I investigated and documented local factories’ chimneys which has the similar shape to sky tree, and ‘rebuilt’ them into a tourist tower— people can climb up to the top step by step and take photos as souvenirs. Each one guild book is along with one sculptor, which was made by daily object I used in Tokyo and cast into bronze by a local 100-year-old sand factory. 

I have this idea at the very end of my stay: The one which can make people enjoy is those chimneys randomly spread in the city, even they are not popular and special at all.